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Candiani Denim mill

Sartoria Diletto


The 77-year-old, vertically-integrated Candiani Denim mill is Europe’s largest denim mill – but it prides itself in being what it calls the world’s most sustainable denim mill. Candiani innovates constantly developing and patenting new technologies, which allows the mill to improve its products and increase its sustainability. Very often, Candiani’s new technologies have been adopted by the rest of the denim industry.


The crowd witnessed Sartoria Diletto winning the Global Denim Awards with an impressive collection inspired by Italian heritage and tailoring. Diletto had been linked to denim mill Candiani Denim (since 1938), renowned for its innovative and often patented new technologies. Together they developed a capsule collection of five outfits, including treatments and washes.
Diletto says: “I wanted to discover a new world, a blue world. A combination of heritage from Italy, and a new perspective on denim in tailoring.” Simon Giuliani of Candiani Denim adds: “Global Denim Awards always tries to do something new. That’s what we also wanted to do with this collection. We wanted to embrace our heritage by using old shuttle looms to weave the fabrics, combined with hemming and brushing treatments which perfectly match lasering, one of the most sustainable finishing techniques.”

Sartoria Diletto


Sartoria Diletto, is a young and dynamic bespoke concept, founded in 2012 by Andrea Diletto, an Italian master-tailor who was born and raised in Germany. All of our suits are designed and handmade in Milan, with the purpose of pre- serving our main values and principles, such as the extreme care for details, the exaltation of proportions and the effort to communicate something through what we create.