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Tejidos Royo

John Randy


A Spanish textile company founded in 1903, Tejidos Royo has grown to encompass the entire production cycle, from cotton to ready-made fabric, thanks to its yarn, weaving and finishing divisions.

To maintain its position on the cutting-edge of denim, Royo maintains Color and Laundry Research and Development divisions to investigate new ways to finish and dye fabrics as well as innovative washings + dyes and bio-enzimatic washings to be more sustainable each new season.

John Randy


John-Randy Anthony, a recent graduate of Jean School Amsterdam, is a young designer based in Deventer. Prior to enrolling in Jean School, Anthony studied fashion commerce in Zwolle but a passion for denim drove him to specialize and pursue his dream of working in the jeans industry. During his studies at Jean School Anthony participated in several brand projects, including a design challenge, which he won.