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Orta Anadolu

Bhavesh Samji


Established in 1953 as a spinning and weaving company, Turkey-based Orta Anadolu shifted to denim production in 1985. Since then, Orta has established two denim mills in Turkey and Bahrain as developed a global presence with its offices and showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Hong Kong, Colombia, Japan, Australia and Istanbul.

In 2009, Orta used 3% of organic cotton in all of its production without quoting an extra cost. Currently, Orta uses 5% better cotton in all its production.

Bhavesh Samji


Bhavesh Samji is a UK designer and graduate from London College of Fashion. He is influenced by craftsmanship, functionality and simplicity. His philosophy is to evoke a disciplined sense of style through from to create timeless yet contemporary garments. Workmanship has become an integral principle of his design process, in which he would like to merge sustainability with durability, emphasising the authenticity of natural materials.