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Tess van Zalinge


Combining “knit” and “indigo”, Knitdigo is a pioneering knitted denim specialist from Taiwan. The company owns a fully integrated facility in Guangdong, China. The match with Van Zalinge promises something truly innovative: “The work of Tess is chic and romantic. Because she designed a collection of lingerie, our team thought they could create a spark between soft and gentle garments like lingerie, and the rough and stylish nature of denim. In the process, we hope to broaden the vision of the denim industry as a whole.”

Tess van Zalinge


Tess van Zalinge graduated cum laude at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2012; her graduation collection ‘The Same Old Lines’ took her to London Graduate Fashion Week. Her own debut label seeks to bridge the gap between lingerie and outerwear – at Amsterdam Fashion Week 2016. Van Zalinge is regarded as one of the new talents on the Dutch fashion horizon.