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Advance Denim



Founded in 1987, Advance Denim Co. is the oldest Chinese denim mill. Dedicated to authenticity, know-how and ecological responsibility, Advance Denim has become a key resource of premium denim fabric.



After recently graduating from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (June 2015), Tung Trinh and Tim Becx decided to compete with the Global Denim Awards as a duo under the name TRINHBECX. The duo combines their individual aesthetics and shares the same passion for experimentation.

Their affection for working with raw materials like denim and leather and their passion for craftsmanship are essential for the duo's aesthetics. By redefining and combining traditional men and women garments, TRINHBECX tries to push the boundaries within fashion. They found their match with Advance Denim in their shared dedication to authenticity and a true love for denim.