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ITV Denim

Alexandra Frida


A 42-year-old vertical denim mill, ITV Denim currently produces 16 million square meters of denim fabric and similar items ranging from 5 to 14,5 oz. weight.

With a focus on new technologies and techniques in spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing, ITV has invested in modern systems while maintaining its rich heritage of high quality and stellar service.

Alexandra Frida


Alexandra Frida is an Amsterdam-based ready-to-wear label. It embodies the designer's thrill for adventure and embraces comfort, sensuality and classic feminine expression. The designs accentuate the female silhouette highlighting the power of a woman’s body while fabric and prints bring out the playfulness of her character. Iconic to Alexandra’s work is the FRIDA feather print, which makes every piece into a statement: “I want to give women wings”.