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Advance Denim

Marina van Dieren & Christina Albrecht


Founded in 1987 in Foshan, in the heart of the Pearl River District, Advance Denim continually seeks to add sustainability in their processes through advanced machinery and new dyeing and finishing technologies. The mill also believes “new designers are the future” and actively works with young graduate designers. “It was great to see how Marina and Christina interacted directly with our technicians and fabric developers, and how they later walked impatiently around at the production department, waiting to see the results of a new development in real time.”

Marina van Dieren & Christina Albrecht


Recent graduates from Artez Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, Marina van Dieren (Arnhem) and Christina Albrecht (Berlin) joined forces for the Global Denim Awards. Wearability is a key aspect of their bold gender neutral designs. Their aim is “to create 'new ceremonial’ clothing for risk-taking explorers”. "We look forward to create new surface designs, weaving and manipulation techniques, while working from a zero waste perspective."