Prosperity Textile & Lisa Konno & Karin Vlug


In 20 years, family-owned Prosperity has grown into one of the largest denim mills in Asia with a global reputation for value-adding performance eco-denim. As one of only two denim mills worldwide to hold the prestigious Blue Sign certification, it aims to become the world’s most sustainable mill. “Lisa and Karin make a perfect partner for us, since they develop collections though re-using old garments and by constructing without sewing.”

Lisa Konno and Karin Vlug


Running their individual labels from a boat in Amsterdam’s harbour, Lisa Konno and Karin Vlug recently collaborated on “COLLECT”: a modular garment that allows for endless variations, which will be featured at this year’s Dutch Design Week and Tokyo Design Week. Konno and Vlug work in a conceptual way, by ingeniously constructing smart clothing that avoid a classic ‘fashion perspective’ and embrace a zero-waste philosophy.