ITV Denim & Anbasja Blanken


ITV Denim is located in the Abruzzo region in central Italy, and is backed by a mission to reduce their environmental footprint by continually introducing new technologies and modern techniques for spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing. When ITV won the Global Denim Awards 2014 with designer Jonathan Christopher, a love affair was born. The two parties continue to collaborate on the development of new fabrics to this day. And according to ITV, “the same magic is happening with Anbasja”.

Anbasja Blanken


Former Viktor & Rolf intern Anbasja Blanken was a finalist for the 'Lichting' Award with her 2013 graduation collection 'Shakhinah Glory'. Driven by her endless love for ideal female beauty and craftsmanship, she recently founded her own trouser line Ala Blanka, which debuted this year at Amsterdam Fashion Week.