Candiani Denim & Lavinia Mustapha


Eighty years ago, Luigi Candiani began a small weaving facility near Milan. It has been run by four consecutive generations of Candiani sons – with the latest, Alberto, overseeing the mill’s modernisation towards one of the world’s most sustainable denim producers. After winning the Global Denim Awards 2015 with Sartoria Diletto, Candiani and Lavinia will now, according to the mill, present “another thing Italians are good at: prêt-à-porter”.

Lavinia Mustapha


Italian-Lebanese designer Lavinia Mustapha spent her childhood in both Italy and South-Africa. As a child she wanted to become a professional tennis player, but then she discovered a passion for art and illustration while attending an all-girls school in Johannesburg. Upon her return to Italy, Lavinia decided to devote herself to a career in fashion. She later developed a love for textiles at Instituto Polimoda and the University of Milano, where she studied Fashion Design. Her next intended stop is the UK to continue her studies in woven textile design.